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God Bless the Veterans of the wars both past and present, those that walk the Earth with us, and those who have left our presence while defending freedom to the end. I salute you. God Bless our American and Allied Troops! :-)

Stay safe, go strong, and come home safely. Godspeed, you brave men and women!

This site was created on Dec.18.1998.
Front page updated on March.30.2007.
Photo galleries updated continuously.

Tuesday June.26.2007

I have been updating the website, while ignoring the front page for months now. I have made a "IHN Photo Galleries" collage image that directly goes to the Photo Galleries page. This is the best solution I have since i never update the front page, even tho I do upload new images. Check the IHN Photo Galleries to see the latest photos on my site. Unless something dramatic happens, I won't be updating the front page with new galleries, just go to the photo galleries link and you'll see the new stuff when I put it up.

Monday March.19.2007

The Matthew "Tippy" Paris (Legal name: Erick Matthew Fuller) Memorial is on the front page.
Photo from Mars Bar on Wednesday March 14th, Thursday the 15th, Friday the 16th and Saint Patrick's Day on Saturday March 17th are all up.

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The men and women from Operation Horned Owl
from Jun.13.2005

I have been getting photos from Mo, a good friend of mine from the IHN Forum. Occasionally, he sends me photos from his missions in Iraq. Whatever he's allowed to send to me, I put up here. Thank you Mo!


I have this picture up in case some of you anti war people, forgot why we are going to war.
Photo (C) and stolen from, Thank you!
Allah may give you mercy, but we in America sure won't.
11 Sept 2001

11 September 2001: A sad day in American history, that tore families apart, but in the mayhem, showed us who the real heroes in life were, the Police, Fire Fighters, Paramedics, and everyday people. Not sports stars, actors, or racecar drivers. Now we must lick our wounds, and move to a new type of normalcy. We must remember to stay ever vigilant against our foes, both abroad and domestic. The price of freedom is eternal vigilance.
"Complacency was our own worst enemy. Vigilance will be our cure, not vengeance."
(source unknown to me.)

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